Pino Gelato


Pino Gelato

Scoop some Happiness!

Authentic Italian Ice Cream. Coffee. Desserts.

This gelato is LIKE ice cream but made with such a way that it’s 93% fat free! The non-dairy sorbetto is 100% fat free! Pino Gelato is lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories than regular ice cream, but it tastes better. In other words, Pino Gelato will make you very happy!

In Italy, authentic living and passion for creating a life that’s just a little richer and finer is a powerful motivator. When it comes to gelato, there is an entire family culture surrounding gelato traditions. These “bellissimo” ideas are built into Pino Gelato’s business model.

Ramona Fantini discovered gelato in 2002 while visiting Italy. There is an inside story about a woman named Maria who introduced Ramona to gelato and with Maria’s expert advice, Ramona became so enamored with the taste and quality of gelato (in Florence) that she wanted to invest and grow the gelato idea at home. Ramona decided to leave the corporate world for the world of happiness, family, and Italian tradition. She is presently the sole owner and CEO of Pino Gelato.